North Carolina Identity
Service (NCID)

List of NCID administrators for University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

agency: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

(There are no administrators listed at this level)

- division: Business Affairs
Elizabeth G Palian704-687-0282
Mary K Fisher704-687-0596
Paula A Boettcher704-687-5815
Mark Haire704-687-5812
Heather McLendon704-687-5816

- division: Department of Public Health Sciences
Keith Carnes704-687-7620
Jeremy Summey704-687-9411

- division: Grant and Contract Administration
Ellen Zavala704-687-1881
Kelly Wiggins252-209-4524

- division: Police Department
Barbara Brookover704-687-2200
Rachel Proctor980-343-6030
Sarah A Smyre704-687-3400
Sonya Shores704-687-2200

- division: Proposal Development
Ellen Zavala704-687-1881

- division: Research and Economic Development
Ellen Zavala704-687-1881
Stephen Baldwin704-687-3429

- division: Research Services and Outreach
Ellen Zavala704-687-1881

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