North Carolina Identity
Service (NCID)

List of NCID administrators for Department of Public Safety.

agency: Department of Public Safety

Brandon A Norris919-716-3500
Pecolia Harris919-716-3800
Wrenn M Patterson919-890-3981
Teresa D Edmundson919-890-3987
Tracey Clarke919-457-1152
Seelam R Rao919-890-3982
Jason Richardson919-324-6085

+ division: ABC-Commission

+ division: Administration

+ division: Adult Correction - Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Programs

+ division: Adult Correction - Combined Records

+ division: Adult Correction - Community Corrections

+ division: Adult Correction - Correction Enterprises

+ division: Adult Correction - Extradition

+ division: Adult Correction - Prisons

+ division: Adult Correction - Special Operations and Intelligence Unit

+ division: Juvenile Justice

+ division: LE-Administration

+ division: LE-Alcohol Law Enforcement

+ division: LE-Emergency Management

+ division: LE-National Guard

+ division: LE-State Bureau of Investigation

+ division: LE-State Capital Police

+ division: LE-State Highway Patrol

+ division: Special Operations

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