North Carolina Identity
Service (NCID)

List of NCID administrators for Department of Insurance.

agency: Department of Insurance

Kim Walker919-807-6026
Joshua H Snyder919-807-6102
Justin Vargas919-807-6145
Kathy P Hart919-807-6180
Richard Lee919-807-6625

+ division: Actuarial Services

+ division: Administration

+ division: Agent Services

+ division: Bail Bondsman Regulatory Group

+ division: Captive Insurance Companies

+ division: Company Services Group

+ division: Consumer Services

+ division: Controllers Office

+ division: Criminal Legal Services

+ division: Eastern Regional Office

+ division: Engineering and Codes

+ division: Financial Analysis and Receiverships

+ division: Financial Examination

+ division: Fire and Rescue

+ division: Fraud Control Group

+ division: Health Insurance Smart NC

+ division: Information Systems

+ division: Interim Exchange Planning Section

+ division: Investigations

+ division: Legal Department

+ division: Legislative Counsel

+ division: Life and Health

+ division: Manufactured Building

+ division: Market Regulation

+ division: Ombudsman Group

+ division: Personnel

+ division: Prevention Programs and Grants

+ division: Producers Fraud and Products Group

+ division: Property and Casualty

+ division: Public Information

+ division: RAD Trust

+ division: Regulatory Actions

+ division: Risk Management

+ division: Seniors Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)

+ division: State Fire and Rescue Commission

+ division: Western Regional Office

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