North Carolina Identity
Service (NCID)

List of NCID administrators for DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services.

agency: DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services

Edward O Howe919-855-3200 x2
Demetrick Phillips919-855-3200
Coreen P Anglin-Stone919-855-3200 x2
Danielle C Brady919-855-3154
Gary H Yorkdale919-707-5177
Laron L White919-855-3200 x2
Lucky Williams919-855-3395
Joseph M Mancuso919-855-3086
Mark B Quinn919-855-3310
Nancy Robinson919-855-3200 x2
Paul B Smith919-855-3359
Pyreddy C Reddy919-855-3090
Shanga Williams919-855-3366 x2
Thien T Nguyen919-855-3152

+ division: CCNC Contract Tracers

+ division: Division of Aging and Adult Services

+ division: Division of Budget and Analysis

+ division: Division of Child Development

+ division: Division of Health Benefits

+ division: Division of Health Service Regulation

+ division: Division of Human Resources

+ division: Division of Information Resource Management

+ division: Division of Medical Assistance

+ division: Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

+ division: Division of Public Health

+ division: Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

+ division: Division of Social Services

+ division: Division of the Services for the Blind

+ division: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

+ division: NC Council on Development Disabilities

+ division: NC Fast

+ division: Office of Economic Opportunity

+ division: Office of Education Services

+ division: Office of General Counsel

+ division: Office of Governmental Relations

+ division: Office of Internal Auditor

+ division: Office of Medicaid Management Information System Services

+ division: Office of Procurement and Contracting Services

+ division: Office of Property and Construction

+ division: Office of Public Affairs

+ division: Office of Research, Demonstrations, and Rural Health

+ division: Office of the Controller

+ division: Office of the Secretary

+ division: Privacy and Security Office

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